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Its Election Day!

Well the last week is over and election day is tomorrow. Its been a great journey and an experience I'll never forget! We had forums in Consort, Hanna and Oyen and the trade show in Stettler this past week.

A big thanks to all our supporters, volunteers and team members - we put in a lot of hard work and effort and no matter what happens tomorrow, I'm proud of what we've accomplished. 

So remember to get out and vote tomorrow!

Mark Nikota

Hanna Herald - Talking Common Sense

Thanks Hanna Herald!

Hanna Herald article


1 Week to Go

Well its been a busy week and there's only 1 week left:

We've had forums in Stettler, Drumheller and Consort so far with Hanna (10th) and Oyen (11th) to go.

I did a tour of the East country (Youngstown, Cereal, Oyen, Consort and Veteran) rural AB is on board with the party!

We took a night at the Hanna Learning Center Fundraiser in Hanna.

There was the trade show in Provost.

Our Leader Stephen made a tour stop in Hanna and we visited with Prairie Land School Division.

And a highlight for me of this campaign so far was a stop at the grade 5/6 class in Veteran, the kids have it right, politics should be about people, not fighting. Good for them!

1 week to go!

Ladies Night

A very successful evening in Stettler with good friends and conversation. 

We had a long chat with the mother of a special needs child that is working on getting her son into school. She's been an inspiration to many for the work she does with foster children but is having difficulty accessing the assistance programs that are set up specifically to help people in need. Her son keeps falling through the funding cracks because he doesn't fit into the 'boxes' that are needed to qualify for some of the programs. Its too bad, programs are designed to help people but often don't work because of rigid rules; we need to do better and make sure the people that need the help can actually get it; when the need is real, there has to be a way to make it work. It was a pleasure meeting her this past week.

The Stettler team

This past week it was more time on the streets of Stettler with the best door knocking team ever! The hard work continues as we make our way around the riding talking to people and offering our vision of what politics should be - helping people and fixing problems.

If you want a sign, give me a shout:

Game On!

This past week it was time door knocking in Hanna, talking to the Clearview School Board and Stettler County Council and drinks in Byemoor (the best part about this process is getting out and meeting people for a good chat).


The writ was dropped and its officially game time! The first sign was put up on my lawn with my favorite, unofficial campaign manager.

The next sign was Stettlers. We're getting contacted by people that want an option that's based on practical ideas and solutions to problems in Alberta.

And last but not least, the incredible amount of talent in Hanna was in full display with the Mayor and friends; fantastic show!


Its about the People

The past week was all about getting out and sharing the dream with people in the riding. We had a successful pints & politics at O'Sheas in Drumheller where we had good discussions about how we need to focus on people no matter who you are or what interest you represent.

Then I got to celebrate #SocialWorkWeek2019 with my favorite purple Minion Sam!

And last but not least, there was time to take my son to the Leg in Edmonton for his grade 9 field trip where the kids learn a bit more about what MLA's do and what the political system is all about. Of course I just had to take a picture on such a sunny day!

Candidate coverage in the Drumheller Mail

Questions for the Drumheller-Stettler candidates in the Drumheller Mail.

Drumheller Mail Candidate Coverage


Heading East

After meeting with the Hanna Learning Centre board this past week, it was time to head east and meet with people at the other end of the riding. Windy and -25 is great door knocking weather, which I found out in Oyen before heading down the road to Acadia Valley. 

They were hosting their Messy Maker playgroup fundraiser and Acadia Valley and District rec club ice to dice bonspiel. 28 teams from the area competing in a 5 day curling bonspiel to raise money for the Messy Maker playgroup and have an otherwise great time. Like every small community in rural AB, the people make the difference in fundraising, events and keeping their facilities going. And as usual at these events, the food and hospitality was fantastic!

And just to show how big our riding is - Drumheller all the way to the border...

Join us in Drumheller!

Join the Alberta Party team for our constituency association AGM, Wednesday March 6th at 7pm at the Ramada Inn in Drumheller.

Following that, come to O'Sheas for a pints & politics and a load of good cheer!

I'll be there, hope you will too!


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